Cutting Edge

Urban Decay deleted this advertisement. The reason being is that the eyeliner is called Razor. People got all upset, because of where the different colors were demonstrated. WTF! People, who are or were cutters should not be made to feel uncomfortable, but this ad was not about that. This ad was about showing off their new eyeliner. The underarm is where all make up products are demonstrated. I am all about not hurting peoples feelings or making them feel uncomfortable, but sometimes people need to get a grip. Obviously, I do not represent Urban Decay, and I understand why they pulled this ad. I am the first one to say when they have gotten something wrong. For example, I still hate the new “shotgun shell” cheap plastic casing on the lipstick. Therefore, my annoyance is not because of the love I have for Urban Decay.  
I will admit they should’ve picked a better name for the eyeliner. There point was that you get a razor thin line. Honestly, nobody said anything when they made a lipstick cases that look like shotgun shells. Those go on your mouth. What about people who commit suicide by shotgun? If you want everything to be sensitive to people, then we have to call them out each time. We cannot pick and choose. I think people are just too damn sensitive sometimes. Feel free to disagree. It is a free country. The world is not sensitive, so sometimes you need to have a thick skin.


Decayed Packaging

Good afternoon,

I am writing a quick post to complain about Urban Decay’s New lipstick packaging. I lost my favorite shade in Salem, Massachusetts, which would have been a crisis except my favorite Urban Decay is no longer a limited edition color. I received a new one in the mail on Thursday, and I was very excited. Then, I open the box and saw that the repackaging is cheap plastic! How do you go from a package with substance to cheap plastic and expect us to still pay 17 dollars?  I am not happy!

Through the Looking Glass and looking Good

Good afternoon,

Here are two more looks that I did using The Throgh the Looking Glass Palette. The only two new colors I used were “Paradox” and “Mirror.”

Looking Green

Good evening,

I am happy to bring you anther great look from this side of the looking glass. This look combines “Hatter” (lid), “Heads will Roll” (crease), “Gone Mad” (outter v), and “Royal Flush” (brow bone). On my lips, I am wearing “Mad Hatter.” I love this look.

Looking Pink

Good evening,

Tonight I bring you a pink look from the Through the Looking Glass Palette:  

This look was accomplished by using the following shadows: “Gone Mad,” “Cake,” “Lily,” and “Time.” First I cover the whole eye area in”Lily.” On the center of the lid I applied “Cake.” Then, I blended the two.  On the outer V of the lid and the crease I applied “Gone Mad.” Over “Gone Mad,” in the outer v section only, I put on “Time.” The use of “Time” gives the look depth.  

Looking Netural 

Good evening,
Here is a another luck from the Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Palette:

For this length I used “Salazen Grum” on the middle of the lid. On the inner v and brow bone I used “Royal Flush.” On the crease I used “Dutchess.” To darken “Dutchess” and add depth I used “Chronosphere.”  There was no fall out with any of these colors, and I would definitely use this color combination again. These colors work great with my very red lipstick (“Miss Mia Wallace” by Urban Decay). The only negative was that I thought “Salzen Grum” looked more red in the pot. It came out on my lids, as more orange.

Looking Glass Blues

As you know, I recently brought the new Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Palette. I posted one look with my review yesterday. Here is another:

This look consist of “Bandersnatch,” which is on the middle of the lid. “Time” is on the outter-v. “Metamorphosis” is in the crease. Finally, “Royal Flush” is the brow highlight and inner corner.

I love all of these colors, but the fallout from”Bandersnatch” was epic. If “Metamorphosis” was on my lid there would have been fallout from that too. “Royal Flush” had little to no fallout, and I did not notice any for “Time.”  Fallout aside, I would wear these colors again, but I would not put them on after doing my complexion make-up. It would not be worth all the cleanup and reapplication that I would have to do.

Through the Looking Glass…

Hello again,

There are going to be all of stereotypical reviews of the Urban Decay’s Through the Looking Glass line, so forgive me.  That will not happen here.  If you are looking to see swatches all over my arm…keep looking, because I have not had that much time to play with it.  As of right now, I have only had time to play with the shadow palette and two of the lipstick colors, so I will concentrate my attentions there. Here is a picture of the palette in all of its glory:



The front outside packaging.


The back packaging.


Close up of the drawer that contains the shadows.  The quote is said by Alice.


This is a view of the inside.  The quote here is stated by the Cheshire Cat. 


The shadow drawer can be pulled from the palette completely.  


The inside opens to a butterfly, which flaps its wings, as you pull on the inside flaps.


Close up of the shadows.

As you can see, they really spent a lot of time on this packaging.  I appreciate a well thought out package.  Nonetheless, I cannot help, but think that they spent too much time on the package.  Yes, it is very cool to look at this psychedelic design, which I am sure matches the theme of the movie, as a whole.  Nevertheless, was it necessary?  I feel like I spent 60 dollars on packaging.

Do not get me wrong, because I am not unhappy with the palette.  The shadows in the palette are about full size, so I do not think they went light there.  The brush is, as usual, great quality.  I just feel that they went a bit over board with the packaging, and it may not have been need.  This is just my personal opinion.

As for the shadows, they are set-up in rows.  Each row represents a character.  The first row is Alice, which is followed by The Hatter, The White Queen, The Red Queen, and Time.”I have only played with four of them: “Gone Mad,” “Cake,” “Lily,” and “Dream on.” You can see first three shades I mentioned pictured below:


Notice that I only said that you will see the first three.  “Lily,” is on my brow bone.  “Cake” is on the crease, and “Gone Mad” is on my lid.  “Dream On” is no where to be seen.  Why?  It has no color pay out, which is very un-Urban Decay like.  I am disappointed in “Dream On.”  It looks great in the palette, so I had high hoped for it.  If it had worked, it would have gone on my outer-v.  Alas, it did not work.

The colors that did work (“Lily,” “Cake,” and “Gone Mad”) worked well together.  They went on smoothly, and had NO fallout!  I put these colors on with my complexion make-up already done, which is something that I do not usual do.  I was not expecting to put on shadow, but I got bored waiting for a movie.  I put them on, and had nothing to clean up.

A complaint that I have been hearing has to do with the color choices that Urban made when making this palette.  Many feel that it should have looked more like the Electric Palette.  They expected psychedelic bright colors.  Instead, we got a lot of warm neutral tones, which is great, because neutrals go with everything.  Nonetheless, if you have a lot of neutrals already (for instance you own more than one Naked Palette), do you really need more neutrals?  I really liked “Gone Mad,” Cake,” “Bandersnacth,” “Lily,” and “Hatter.”  My philosophy on eye shadow palettes is that if you do not find that you love, at least five colors in a palette you do not need to buy it.

Also, on my lips you can see “Mad Hatter,” which is part of the Through Looking Glass Collection.  I love it!  It is the perfect shade of purple for me.  It is a very moist color, so it requires two coats and a liner.  (In the picture above, I used “Bittersweet” to line my lips.)  I had to swipe the color on more than once to get a rich color, so it could be used on top of another color too.  I also tried “Mirana,” which was a great color.  It went on in one coat.  It too needs a liner.  However, I did not but it. It is too like “Shame.”  Here is what “Shame” looks like:


The only different is that “Mirana” has a shimmer to it.  “Shame” is currently on sale for 11 dollars at Ulta, so I would buy that (if I did not already own it).

On complaint I have is that again, I do not like the packaging here:

Here is “Mad Hatter” next to “Shame.”  The plastic packaging looks and feels cheap compared to the metal packaging of “Shame.”  It also does not look, as nice, as “Shame.”  People had similar complaints about the Gwen Stefani lipsticks.

I am back…

Good evening,

I know I have been gone for a really long time. I think it has almost been a year. I have been trying to get myself together. My life like, most people’s, is very stressful, but I will not bore you with all the gory details. Since the last time I posted I am 53 pounds lighter, still trying to get pregnant, and still have one of the most awesome husband in the world. All in all, I can say that I am blessed.
I’m losing weight, so that when I get pregnant I can have a easier time of it. I will not lie to you and tell you that it came off like magic. I took off all that weight thanks to the magic of the gym and personal trainer. I have been working out anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week. when I work out two times a week, it is a stressful week at work. Ideally, I like to work out four.  Here is a sample of my progress:

Last week.

Last summer


Sorry that I have been missing in action, but I have been really busy with SGO’s, PARCC testing, my own grading, and getting ready for the NHS induction. That is a whole lot of acronyms. Here are some nail designs that I have been doing, but not posting.


     I hope to have time to post more soon. If you have any questions about any of the designs, feel free to leave me a comment.

As always happy polishing!

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